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Home improvement 101: 5 cheap tools everyone should own

Home improvement 101: 5 cheap tools everyone should own

Whether you want to remodel a space in your home or you need to repair something, it is necessary to have some tools at hand that allow you to react quickly. What tools should you have in your home? Here we prepare a list of 5 cheap tools everyone should own. Remember that in Ireland stores such as One Stop Motorshop, SIP Tool Shop, Lenehans, Handy Hardware and Hardware Ireland you can find a wide variety of products at the best price.



A set of screwdrivers is a classic for the toolbox. It can be a handle with interchangeable heads or several independent screwdrivers, but as a minimum we will need to have a pair of flat tip and a pair of Phillips screwdrivers to adapt to different situations. A set of seven screwdrivers of different sizes and 20 bits with a complete shock-resistant case can cost €15.43. The price is set per unit.



There are countless models of hammers with different designs and materials. Some are more suitable than others depending on the specific use. In our case, we will opt for something standard and of economic price that serves to nail some tip and to unnail it. A rubber hammer that speeds up the assembly of screwless shelves, easy and convenient to use, costs €13.48. There are battery-powered hammer drills, but their price is exorbitant in relation to a hammer for standard household tasks.

Tape measure


Of course it is important to have a tape measure handy, even if we don't plan to use any of the other tools. The tape measure will help us to measure the available space for a piece of furniture we are going to buy or the most appropriate dimensions for curtains or carpet. A 5-meter Stanley tape measure is about €7, although nowadays there are other more modern options that can measure longer distances. A best-selling laser distance meter costs €22.61.

Basic tool kit


If you don't want to complicate your life when it comes to choosing each of the tools and you don't plan to use them much, you can opt for a basic tool kit that comes with everything included, even the case. A set of 100 pieces is available for €33. We could also include other options such as a drill for drilling holes, a saw or an electric sander, but these would be basic tools for a second level.



A spirit level has always been used to check that something is well aligned both horizontally and vertically. A spirit level of 30 centimeters in length can be found in any of these stores for €18,86. Although as with distance measurement, there are also laser leveling options available today for €41.30.

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