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Hardware Ireland: your partner in DIY

Hardware Ireland: your partner in DIY

Hardware Ireland is one of the Irish favorite chains to buy practical and adaptable furniture for the home, as well as to stock up on appliances and all kinds of decorations to embellish the house. We could say that Hardware Ireland is your DIY partner. Everything you need is here, you don't have to go to a lot of places in the country to stock up on products if, for example, you're thinking of remodeling your house. In this guide we recommend some products sold by Hardware Ireland that you can't miss.



Melamine cabinets are long-lasting pieces, easy to combine and with infinite design possibilities. The quality of the furniture will act in favor of the decorative project you want to carry out, and melamine furniture is ideal if you don't want to abuse your budget. They have become a favorite of many because of the countless advantages they offer. At Hardware Ireland you'll find one-, two- and three-door melamine cabinets that you can easily adapt to any room in your home. Prices range from €145 to €249.



Facing a bare wall can produce the same blockage as when a painter is faced with an unused canvas or a writer with a blank sheet of paper. But in all three cases, you have to throw yourself into the arms of creativity. A mirror is always a good solution if you don't want to overload the space. Hardware Ireland has mirrors in all shapes and sizes and at a variety of prices. Our favorite? The hanging mirror that sits above the sink and costs only €19.



One of the easiest ways to transform your rooms is to add throw pillows. A change of color or pattern and it's practically an instant space makeover. They have an enormous importance in the decoration of your home. They are the ideal accessory to accompany that sofa you love so much or to give a magical touch to your bed. At this chain you will find plenty of pillows: round, square, rectangular, printed.



Rugs are a must in your home. They are a beautiful addition to any living room or bedroom and you don't need to spend a lot of money to buy one. They come in all colors and prices. From Hardware Ireland we chose the Langsted short pile rug. It costs €12, although you can get some for €9.



Whether you work at home or because you like to have very good lighting, you can't miss stylish lamps. They will give a special touch to your home and you will always feel well accompanied by their warm light. At Hardware Ireland there is a wide variety of lamps: floor lamps, desk lamps, ceiling lamps. Define what you need and choose the lamp that is right for you and your home.

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