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Celtic heritage: traditional and modern fusion in irish products

Celtic heritage: traditional and modern fusion in irish products

There is a lot of traditional cuisine in the modernity of the dishes served in Ireland. Its products are local and invite all tourists to savor its sweet and savory delicacies. In fact, farmers' markets are not only atmospheric places to browse, they are also ideal for tasting local, organic and artisan products. You will discover excellent traditional cheeses, traditional fudge, hand-smoked salmon and meat, and a wide variety of organically grown fruit and vegetables. We invite you to get to know the typical dishes of Ireland. What will you find? The main ingredients of its gastronomy are: meat, potatoes, cabbage, onions, pork, salmon and cod. If you know the recipes, you can go to the nearest store, buy the products and prepare each meal yourself.

Irish breakfast


The typical Irish breakfast will give you all the energy you need for the rest of the day. It is served in all hotels and was very typical in rural Ireland as a breakfast meal for farmers. It consists of sausages, ham, black and white pudding, eggs, tomatoes, beans with tomato and butter.

Irish stew


This is Ireland's most famous stew, the beef stew. It is made with potatoes, beef, carrots, onions, beer, vegetable stock, tomatoes, bay leaves, flour, salt, pepper and oil.

Whiskey chocolate cake


This is the well-known typical dessert of Ireland, the chocolate cake dipped in whiskey. It is usually applied a typical whiskey of the area since in Ireland there are very good ones. Nothing like a good meal accompanied by an Irish coffee or tea to end the day. This dessert has conquered many countries in the world, where the Irish have arrived as a product of immigration, and can even be found as an ice cream flavor.

Seafood chowder


It is a typical Irish soup of fish, seafood and a little bit of vegetables that is distinguished for being very tasty and dense. It can be served in a bowl as a starter, but also in a loaf of bread as a main dish. It is cooked with cream and each pub or restaurant prepares it with a different touch: thicker, lighter, with more fish or more prawns.

Carrot cake and apple pie


The carrot cake is one of the most popular cakes in Ireland. Although it is the main ingredient, the carrot flavor is hardly noticeable. It also has crushed walnuts, cinnamon and a layer of sweet cheese on top which gives it an incredible look and taste. Apple pie is another of the sweet specialties of traditional Irish cuisine. There is also a variant called Apple Crumble, which is a dessert of baked apples covered with a crunchy crust. Both can be found in the most varied restaurants and pastry shops around the world.

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