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Affordable home appliances: How to pick the right one?

Affordable home appliances: How to pick the right one?

The modern pace of life means that we have less and less time for housework. We work long hours away and by the time we get home we are tired enough to cook, wash or clean the floors. Thanks to advances in technology, there are appliances that allow us to save time and money in the kitchen and they aren't so expensive. It is a matter of paying attention to offers and discounts. In big appliance chains in Ireland you will find a wide variety of items that will make your daily life easier. How to pick the right one? Pay attention to the list below.

Food processor


In seasons such as spring and autumn, there is nothing tastier than eating pasta with sauce. If you are too lazy to chop and mince vegetables, you can buy a Tefal Double Force food processor for €119 at Harvey Norman. You can knead, chop, mince, grate, blend or make all kinds of creams and sauces. This model has a large 3-liter bowl and a 2-liter blender cup. Think of your convenience and how much work it will save you.



It's cold and you feel like coming home to a hot soup. A microwave is the solution. Just heat the soup for a few minutes in the microwave and that's it. No need to dirty the kitchen and you only have to press a button. At Currys, a Essentials CMB21 Compact Solo Microwave costs €55. Features include: 17-liter internal volume, 24.5-centimeter diameter glass turntable, six power levels and defrost function. It is a great opportunity.



If you have leftover bread and don't want to throw it away, a good option is to make toast. And what better than buying an electric toaster. It's easy to use and you'll have warm toast in a minute. At Ennis Electrical, a basic toaster costs €23.99. If you want to extend the warranty for three years, you have to pay an extra €6. It is a very useful appliance that even your children can use when they come home from school.

Electric kettle


Turning on the stove and waiting for the water to heat up is a waste of time. Now with electric kettles you can program the water temperature and it will turn on by itself, without the need for you to control the time. At Euronics, you can find plastic electric kettles for €44.99. This is the Russell Hobbs 1.7L Inspire White Electric Kettle. It isn't cheap, but it is an excellent product.



One of the great kitchen nightmares is washing dishes. But luckily there are dishwashers. They save us work, detergent and money. It's always a good investment if you have room to spare in your kitchen. You can find a wide range of dishwashers at any of the four stores mentioned above.

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