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How to give your home a new look for under $1000

How to give your home a new look for under $1000

Do you want to give your home a new look but you can't afford it? Many times we think that home decoration is really expensive and almost impossible to achieve with a small budget. In this article we will show you the opposite. There are several simple and original ideas to give your house a new look spending less than $1000. A previous tip: clean the floors first with some fresh fragrance. Then you are ready to live the home renovation experience firsthand. At major Irish stores like Amara, JYSK and IKEA you'll find everything you need to bring value and timeliness back into your home without shelling out thousands of dollars. Pay attention to our tips and refurnish your home for little money.



Apart from doubling the light and allowing you to see yourself before going out, mirrors also act as decorative elements capable of marking a before and after. They should never be missing in the hall. You can place it leaning against the wall, on top of the sideboard or combine it with other objects. Try not to let it monopolize all the space, let it be part of a still life in which you can play with volumes and heights. At IKEA there are beautiful and super cheap mirrors. Our choice, which could be used in the bathroom, living room or bedroom, is the LindByn mirror. It costs $79.99.

Glass tables


Glass tables, due to their visual lightness and fragility, are great for designing more elegant rooms. They also make spaces appear larger and brighter. Always remember to add a pretty bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase and other decorative elements such as candles, books or a tray. If your house has an overload of wooden furniture and the walls are painted in a dark color, glass tables will be your best option. Try the change and you will see how the space is modified just by incorporating a glass table. At JYSK you can find a wide variety of kitchen and patio tables. If you are a fan of barbecues and like to invite friends over, we suggest the Gadeskov table. It costs $450.



Wallpaper will help you create more elegant environments. You don't need to wallpaper the whole room, you can decorate one wall and leave the rest with paint. In this way, you will focus your attention on one point and you won't spend so much money. This is a great way to decorate the headboard wall in the bedroom or to add style to boring homes. What about floral patterns? They are great for adding sweetness and large doses of naturalness. They come in many types: English style, with watercolor flowers, with leaf patterns. Just try to avoid bright and very intense colors. In stores like Amara you will find all kinds of wallpapers at a very convenient price.

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