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Tupperware is a multinational brand of American origin involved in multilevel marketing and specialized in the sale of plastic containers for food storage. The company has a strong presence in Ireland, as well as in many other countries around the world. In Ireland, Tupperware has independent consultants spread throughout the country.

What kind of products can I find at TUPPERWARE?

At Tupperware customers can find a wide variety of plastic containers and kitchen items such as pantry storage containers, fridge storage containers, freezer storage containers, food prep containers, kitchen storage containers, pet storage containers, baking tools and utensils, mixing bowls and measuring, knives, blocks and sets, kitchen tools and utensils, serving bowls, drinkware, outdoor dining products, kids lunch boxes, kids drink bottles, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions about TUPPERWARE

When was TUPPERWARE created?

Tupperware's history began in 1946 with the founding of the company in South Grafton, Massachusetts, by Earl Tupper. In 1951, the founder and his wife decided to move the company's headquarters to Kissimmee, Florida, where they acquired more than 1,000 acres of land. In 1958 Earl Tupper sold the company. In the following decades, Tupperware began its international expansion, reaching many countries around the world, including Ireland.

In Ireland, Tupperware landed in the 1980s. The company's presence in Ireland had gaps, as in 2003 it left the country. Years later, the brand was relaunched again. Nowadays, Tupperware operates in Ireland through an extensive network of independent consultants throughout the country.

What brands can I find at TUPPERWARE?

Tupperware is a global manufacturer of plastic containers and cookware, and therefore it sells products under its own brand name.

How to save money at TUPPERWARE

Saving money at Tupperware is very easy by taking advantage of the offers and promotions published on their official website. Tupperware's online store has an "Offers" section, where customers can find discounts on a wide selection of products. Also, by contacting Tupperware consultants, it is possible to find out about new offers.

Who are TUPPERWARE's main competitors across the country?

Tupperware competes in Ireland with other brands such as Kitchen Craft, Joseph Joseph, among others.

How to get exclusive benefits at TUPPERWARE

Tupperware offers its customers a guarantee of international quality in its products, backed by years of experience in the world market. Also, it is possible to become a Tupperware consultant and thus earn money from product sales. Tupperware has an exclusive customer service by phone and email.

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