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ALDI is a discount supermarket chain of German origin. ALDI is present in many countries around the world, including Ireland. In Ireland, ALDI has a strong presence and operates in the country through a wide network of stores distributed throughout the country.

What kind of products can I find at ALDI?

At ALDI customers can find a wide variety of food and non-food products from fresh meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages such as wines, beers and liquors, snacks, eggs, bread and bakery products, pasta, frozen foods, canned foods, household cleaning products, personal care products, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions about ALDI

When was ALDI created?

The company's history dates back to 1913 with the founding of a small grocery store in Essen, Germany, by Anna Siepmann. Years later, her sons Karl and Theo Albrecht took over the business. After World War II, the supermarket chain expanded throughout the Ruhr area and in 1962 finally adopted the name ALDI, an acronym for Albrecht-Diskont, as it is known to this day. In 1967 ALDI began to expand outside Germany, opening its first store in Austria.

In Ireland, ALDI landed in 1999 with the opening of its first store and since then has become a leading chain on the Irish market. Nowadays, ALDI operates in Ireland through more than 150 stores in the country's main regions.

What brands can I find at ALDI?

ALDI sells its own branded products and also sells products of well-known brands such as Buster, Elbow, Kellogg's, Barrys Tea, Glenisk, Brennans, Dove, Sensodyne, Elvive, Always, Colgate, among others.

How to save money at ALDI

Saving money at ALDI is very easy by taking advantage of the offers and promotions published on their official website. ALDI publishes weekly catalogs and flyers with great offers and promotions. At Offers 365 you will also find the latest offers and promotions available at ALDI. Through ALDI's mobile app, customers can take advantage of great benefits and discounts on every purchase.

Who are ALDI's main competitors across the country?

ALDI competes in Ireland with other chains of stores such as Tesco, Lidl, among others.

How to get exclusive benefits at ALDI

ALDI offers its customers a wide assortment of groceries and non-food products at very convenient prices. Customers can shop through the ALDI mobile app or the online store. ALDI has an exclusive customer service.

Discounts offered by ALDI

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